How to maintain your polished concrete floor

Once your polished concrete has been installed the next step is to maintain it on a regular basis. Your maintenance regime and the frequency of cleaning are largely dependent by the amount of traffic your floor receives.


Sweeping regularly with a microfiber cloth or vacuuming will prolong the maintenance life cycle of your polished concrete floor. Dirt or grit will act as an abrasive and can dull the shine of polished concrete. The use of doormats is recommended to minimise dirt or grit.

Mopping your floor with warm water is adequate however, you may like to use a mild PH neutral floor cleaner.

We do not recommend the use of any bleach products or acid based cleaners like vinegar, as it slowly breaks down the sealer or coating.

Abrasive cleaning cloths will also reduce the gloss of the surface and leave scuff marks because of the abrasive components.

Accidental Spills 

Always clean spills like coffee or wine as soon as possible so they don't absorb into the surface. Certain substances if left on the floor for a period of time can leave the area discoloured. Any acidic stains can cut the surface if not cleaned up in a timely manner.


A well cared for floor will always stand the test of time. However, a maintenance coat can be done to rejuvenate a worn surface. Please contact Murray Valley Concrete Polishing for further information.


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