FAQ's at Murray Valley Concrete Polishing

FAQ's at Murray Valley Concrete Polishing

How much does Hiperfloor cost?

We would love to be more helpful when it comes to prices. However, cost does vary on the individual floor as it depends on size, repairs needed (for old slabs) and the finish you prefer. Pricing is very competitive to tiled or timber floors.

How long does it last?

Hiperfloor is guaranteed to remain stain resistant for 7 years. However, in many cases the finish will last for much longer and requires only minimal maintenance. A re-application of hiperguard and and buff can be applied to rejuvenate your surface.

Grind and Seal
We guarantee our grind and seals for 5 years however you can still expect a fantastic looking floor for many years to come.
A maintenance coat can be applied to rejuvenate a worn surface.

I'm building a new house, at what stage do we polish the floors?

Ideally 2 – 3 weeks after a concrete slab is poured we would grind the first stage. This is done prior to frames being erected.

When is the best time to contact us?

Contacting us as early as possible in your building or renovating plans will help us plan and oversee your project. So aim to call us before you pour your concrete slab.

How do I care for my Hiperfloor?

Hiperfloor reduces the life cycle maintenance costs. The absence of a surface coating significantly reduces maintenance traditionally involved with other flooring options. Concrete floors are easy to keep clean as there is no need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning. Sweeping or vacuuming the surface and then mopping with warm water is all that is needed. You may use a mild soap if you desire. 

How long does it take?

Depending on the size of your floor, new homes are done in two stages. Firstly, before the frames and roof are erected. Your floor is then completed after the plasterer but prior to fix out.

Can you level my floor?

Old slabs or lips can be ground smooth and level in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Can we do Polished Concrete outdoors?

Yes! Polished concrete can be done outdoors and looks fantastic. An anti slip coating texture is added to avoid any slipping hazards.

What is the difference between Hiperfloor and Grind and Seal?

Hiperfloor sets the bar in polished concrete. It requires many more steps to actually polish the surface. Grind and Seal is ground to the level of exposure you require then coated with a sealer (ie. Polyurethane). It is generally less expensive than the Hiperfloor system.